Art Classes: homeschool coops and private lessons

This is the proposed schedule for the 2011-2012 school year for Fruits os the Spirit Academy, Norton OH. This program is also available to the greater Cleveland area by contacting Kristen Boyesen at (two one six) 577-9874. Ask about rates for private instruction.

Drawing I and Creative Expression

34 weeks. Four segments. Total materials fee for all segments: $34

Ages 12 to 18.

1)    Core Creativity Training begins with learning to see, observe, and to transfer eye movement exploration to marks on paper with the examination of objects, angles, spaces, spatial relationships, and composition. No art experience needed. Materials: $6 (paper, gel pen, expandable folder to keep). 6 weeks.

2)    Drawing I uses the skills from the first segment to explore gesture drawing, shading, value, and additional work with composition and perspective. Materials: $16 (charcoal, artist pencil set, several kinds/sizes of paper, eraser, blender, sharpener and folder to keep, use of drawing board.) 10 weeks.

3)    Learning from the Masters introduces color to work in the styles of Van Gogh, Seurat, Picasso, Velazquez, Rubens, Kandinsky, and others, through copying master works and/or creating original artworks in the different styles. Materials: $14 for additional paper and collage materials. ( Student will need drawing supplies already purchased and will have use of classroom stock supplies: a set of 16 Cray-Pas Expressionist pastels, tempera paint, brushes, mixing trays, aprons, drop cloths, and a drawing board.) 12 weeks.

4)    Landscape Drawing and Painting completes this course, utilizing skills from the first three segments. Students will work with pen and ink, graphite and shading, perspective techniques, paint and oil pastel, and see slide shows and photos of landscape painters for different styles. The class will occasionally work outside. Materials: $8 for additional paper. (Student will need drawing supplies already purchased and will continue to use classroom stock supplies of paint and pastels.) 6 weeks.

Advanced Drawing and Creative Expression

34 Weeks. Three segments. Must have completed Beginning Drawing and Creative Expression or submit portfolio for review. Total materials fee: $34 plus optional 3-D fee.

Ages 13 to 18.

1)    Drawing II will introduce additional drawing techniques and media to the Drawing I experience: India ink, printmaking, colored pencils, and mixed media. Materials: $16 in additional supplies (drawing and printmaking paper, colored pencils, and print blocks/plexiglas to keep, and use of inks and printmaking tools. Student will need to bring supplies purchased for Drawing I). 12 weeks.

2)    Sculpture will make use of self-hardening clay and/or found objects for expression in three dimensions. Materials fee TBA. Price will be determined by sculpting materials decided by the class or individual student. 4 weeks

3)    Expressions in Color will provide opportunities for the student to use oil pastel, soft pastel, water media, collage and colored paper for creative expression as realism, abstract art, abstract expressionism, and graphic design. Materials: $18. 18 weeks.

There is a minimum class size of 4 and an overall minimum for the two classes of 14. Maximum class size is 10, each session. All students will be under contract for the year. (Email request to see contract form.) Pay in advance for 1/2 year, $10 /student /wk. Pay by the month, $11.25 /student /wk. ($45/ for 4 weeks).

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